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Do you need access to credit to fund your life’s biggest moments? Weddings? Financial Security or simply to start a business? Maaj Capital understands the importance of having a strong credit health as well as access funding when “life” just happens!

Our Service Is Designed to Protect Your Credit.

Many Funding Services can compromise your credit health…

Here at Maaj Capital, we do our best to help you acquire funding with the least amount of negative impact to your credit score and report. Some companies may offer you to help in securing the funding you need but may use methods that may put your credit in harm’s way.

Our job is to be transparent and honest. We will let you know what the potential ramifications are and we will make sure that you are informed with every possible outcome before moving forward.

Credit is a tool and if a tool is used improperly, not only does it hurt the tool – it can also hurt the user. Maaj Capital makes sure that your “tool” is well maintained while your goals are being met.

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  • Melvin (Maaj Capital) is someone I deeply trust when it comes to business funding and credit! If I have questions about getting a new credit card or planning my credit, Maaj Capital is the first place I go to!
    Sam Kwak
    The Kwak Brothers

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