Business Funding

Lack of Capital?

Maaj Capital can help you overcome the frustration!

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we have dreams and ambitions. Whether we want to open up a new project, a new business, or acquire a new asset, we’re always held back by lack of capital. Maaj Capital can help you overcome that very problem!

0% Interest Credit Cards

We Can Help You Acquire Credit Cards that come with a promotional rate of 0% for 5-18 months.

Depending on your business credit and/or personal credit, we may be able to help you find funding at 0% interest APR between 5-18 months!

It’s Science

We don’t just “guess” the lenders or institutions to seek funding.

Maaj Capital uses BIG DATA science to properly track the lenders across the nationwide and its lending profile and criteria. We know what these lenders and institutions are looking for and our job is to make sure you’re a good fit for the right lender.

Unsuccessful? No Fee…

If we failed to provide you with the best access to funding, you don’t pay!

That’s right, we only get paid for successful result of acquiring funding on your behalf. If you didn’t find funding through our consulting service, you do not pay us a penny!

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